Changing the Mind of God: Is praying an attempt to change the mind of God?

Finances: Do you think it is wrong to ask the Lord to help you with finances?

God's Voice: How do you know if it is God speaking to you?

Hearing God: Why Canít I Hear God? Part 1

Hearing prayers: Does God Always Hear my Prayers?

How to approach God in prayer: What if you have prayed and asked God for an answer, asked Him to help you with a particular problem, asked Him to reveal Himself to you and everything seems as if nothing has changed? Should you just keep on praying the same prayer over and over, asking for the same things? It seems God would get tired of hearing us repeat our problems and just abandon us out of pure boredom. Is there a specific way of approaching God to get answers?

In the Spirit: How do you pray in the Spirit?

Need to be answered to believe: Does prayer have to be answered for people to believe in its power?

Position: Is there a proper way (position wise) to pray?

Prayer Warrior: What Does it Take to Become a Prayer Warrior?

Silence: What Should we do When God is Silent?

             What Should we Do When God is Silent? Part 2

        What Should we Do When God is Silent, Conclusion 

Too much: Can a person pray too much for something?

Unanswered: Why does it sometimes seem as if God is not answering prayers?

Why: Why do we pray to a God who is eternal and knows everything?

Why: Why do we bother praying for things (such as healings), when Gods will is going to be done no matter what?

Why: If God has the power to change a situation, then why doesn't he? If he's all-powerful and loving, then why won't he answer our prayers?

Why cannot I hear God: Why Can't I Hear God?

Why pray for one another: Why Pray for One Another?

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