Authority to Heal: Do we have the authority to heal?

Deathly Ill: Can we stand in prayer for the healing of someone who is deathly ill? What if God intended for him/her to come home?

God's Will: Is it always God's will to heal?

God's Will: What does the Bible say concerning God's will in healing the sick?

Healing, Faith and Action: I wear hearing aids in both ears and am wondering if by wearing them, that puts a block up in my faith for God's healing. I wear them, because they help me hear speech and it is useful in the workplace, church, home, etc. Without the hearing aids on my ears, I cannot hear anything and often cannot understand people.

What do you suggest I do? Currently, I am waiting and trusting that God will manifest the healing in His time. I'm using the aids as a temporary aid to help me communicate with others. Do you think God wants me to ditch the hearing aids? Would He want me to go the extra step in my faith by being completely deaf (without hearing aids) until He opens them?

Still Today: Does God still heal in this present day?

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