Author's Purpose: What was the authors' purpose for writing the New Testament gospels and epistles? And were they reliable sources?

Bigger Temptation: When you really read the word for a long time, does this mean you are at greater risk to fall under temptation?

Deutero-canonical Books: Are the deutero-canonical books or apocrypha (Tobit, Judith, 1 and 2 Macabees, Wisdom of Solomon, Ecclesiasticus (or Sirach) and Baruch) part of the Old Testament canon?

Gospels: When were the four gospels written and how do these compare to the time frame in which other ancient biographies were penned?

Job: Is the book of Job a legend or did the events prescribed in that book really happen? Why would God need to test Job? Why should Almighty God have to prove anything to Satan? Surely God was aware of the response this faithful servant would give! And why should Satan be allowed to torment the people of God for his enjoyment?

King James: Should we rely solely on the King James Version or are other Bible versions as authoritive as the King James?

Most Accurate: Which English Bible version is the most accurate?

New King James: How does the New King James Bible differ from other translations?

Paul's Writings: How valid is everything written by Paul if all the other apostles thought he was an extremist?

To be Trusted: Can the Bible be trusted?

Translations: Can we find the true meaning of Bible texts if we rely solely on English translations and not on the original Hebraic and Greek languages of the Old and New Testaments?

Why two testaments: Why are There Two Testaments in the Bible?

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