I'm With You Always

I'm not really sure why I'm writing this except I have a strong feeling I need too. I'll make it as brief as possible.

Several years ago I was going through a rough time in my life. I was dealing with a father that had abused me as a child and was dying and still forcing me to remember the growing up years. I was also dealing with a person that I was dating that was extremely abusive. As a result of all this negative things happening at one time I decided to end my life one night. But before I did anything I happened to come upon Answer2prayer web site and decided to ask for prayer. To my surprise the one who started this site was answering the calls for help, answered my plea for help immediately. But when he tried to get me to accept Jesus as my savior I bucked like a wild horse I didn't want to have anything too do with kind of help. In fact several other people were requested to help since I was being so wild and out of control. I just couldn't understand why God was allowing all this too happen. But after a lot of fighting and denying the truth. I finally realized that there was a God and he does care. We might not understand the things we go through but with His help we will come through the valley. It hasn't been easy and there's still times I wonder, and when that happens there's a voice that says I'm with you Always. And that's true.

If anyone is considering suicide or something else please ask for help and listen too what the person is saying and believe that there's hope because there truly is and the one that Cares the most about you is God.


Received on Friday July 13, 2012

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