This is an update of the request I made in June 1999 regarding the divorce. We went through mediation today with the attorneys. I finally found out the reason Colleen left. I am in too much debt. Ironically, it cost me thousands of dollars to find this out. Divorce isn't cheap.

Mediation went well. She got back most of what she put into the house in our short marriage. It won't cost me any outright cash for 2 years. I get to keep the house which is an answered prayer. Praise God! I took full responsibility for the destruction of the marriage.

This afternoon, two Godly ladies I work with and myself went to the hospital chapel, held hands and prayed. I felt God touch me and a peace came over me that is beyond explanation. The LORD said everything is under his control and things would work out OK. It took over 3 hours to come to an agreement, God was there every step of the way. I don't understand it all yet, maybe not until I see Jesus personally will this happen. I morn this loss but will look toward Jesus for guidance. I know that this will work out. I continue to pray for Colleen. I will not give up. It won't be the same when I'm in heaven and she won't be. This is totally up to God the Father, and I will continue to remind Him of Colleen need for conversion. Thank you, Robert.

After I had written to you yesterday, I went down stairs to pray, praise and thank God for his peace and presences at the mediation. During my prayer a distinct voice of the LORD said. "I am not through with this yet." His peace became more complete after these words. I continued to cry, but cry of joy. I don't know what He is going to do. It will be something good. I will continue to update as God moves in our life. Praise and Glory to God. Thank you.

Yours in Christ

Walter Frasher NTONAWANDA@aol.com (Received on Tuesday February 8, 2000)

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