On Tuesday my husband (who is divorcing me) met me in court for a pre-trial hearing. We had not seen each other in almost five months. His attorney did not show up and the court said we were not scheduled for that date. Yet, my husband and I both had our papers stating that we were to be there. I asked him if we could talk and attempt to settle matters ourselves. Kurt asked me what I wanted, I said my husband. We went over some financial issues and settled. I agreed to go to his attorney's office and sign the papers. The attorney was not available so arrangements were made for Friday. On Friday morning Kurt called twice requesting to meet with me. When we met my husband said he had stopped the divorce proceeding and that he wanted to be married to me.

A most gracious God intervened. Please pray that we will be able to lay a foundation in Jesus that will be a solid witness to our children and others. Bless you for your prayer, but continue because there are strongholds that the Lord needs to address in both of us. Jesus be praised.

Deb jesus1@inreach.com (Received on Tuesday August 29, 2000)

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