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A miracle happened to me at my school this week! Praise to God! I am the report card administrator at my school, which means I import all comments and grades from all teachers into a program which prints the report cards of our students. There are strict rules about this in Ontario where I live and everything has to be done by the letter. Each report card is 2 pages long. Well, early December, I printed all the report cards for term 1. On the day where report cards were due, a few teachers asked me to make a few changes in the report cards they had written. When I went to my computer and tried to perform what they asked me, the report card program froze and I had to restart my computer. To my horror the report card data base had become corrupt.

Trying to find a solution with our Tech support at our Board in the next few weeks, I was made aware that I had to start from scratch again. All information from term 1 would be lost (luckily the report cards of term1 were printed out and thus we had a hard copy of each one of them). However, all grades of term 1 from all our classes would have to be entered again by the Administrator, as they need to show up in term 2 and 3 respectively.

I had prayed and hoped I would be able to finish this before my Christmas break. This week on Monday I finally was able to start entering the grades from all the classes. To my horror, I could only input 2 classes that day! We have 13 classes! How would I be able to finish all this by Friday? On Tuesday again I was able to input only 2 classes. On Wednesday it was even worse, I could only input 1 class! In 3 days I had entered only 5 classes and I had only 2 days to enter 8 classes! Impossible in human terms, but possible in God's terms! Praise be to His name. Although I had tried to work as hard as I could the first 3 days, I was relying on my own power to finish the work. I left this burden in God's hands on Wednesday evening. He told me to trust Him.

Amazingly the next day I was able to enter the grades of 4 1/2 classes! Impossible! But it still happened. On Friday (today) I was able to enter the remaining 3 1/2 classes. All report cards are done, just before the holidays.

My friend, if you ever face an impossibility, don't try to handle this on your own power. You won't succeed, believe me. Leave your worries to God and ask for His guidance. Only He will make the impossible be possible. What an awesome God we serve! Thank you Lord for being my friend and Saviour! All glory belongs to You!

Rob Chaffart (Received on Friday December 21, 2001)

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