Looking for a Home

There have been many answered prayers for my family this week. As you may remember, we recently put our house on the market, and to our surprise, it sold in 3 days! Though this was an answer to prayer, and also a confirmation that it really was the right time for us to get out of the city, it left us with a rather unique problem. We had exactly 5 weeks to pack up and move, and we had nowhere to move to! But God knew.

The people who bought our house asked us to move the closing date back 1 month. Also, earlier in this saga, God had thrown a very good real estate agent in our paths. We spent 3 days looking for the right place, and nothing even came close. Nothing in the country had enough space for our family, and everything averaged about 70,000 more than we had to spend. All in all, it was rather discouraging. But, as is our habit, we left it in Godís hands.

The message we kept receiving was that God wanted us to have the desires of our hearts (Ps. 37:4), and that we didnít need to worry about the money.

Well, on day 4, last Sunday, we found the house of our dreams for a price we could afford to pay. It was worth about 50,000 more than the asking price, but had been on the market for some time, and because it was involved in a messy divorce, previous offers had been rejected. Thus, the price had been lowered to a price we could pay. Praise be to God for He is good, and His mercies endure forever!

You may also remember that my mother (Wynona) is planning on coming up to live close to us. She has been up here for a brief visit, hoping that she could also find a place to live. Well, after finding us the house of our dreams, the real estate agent went to work for her. Two days later, she found it, and it was for a price she could pay.

So, in the span of about 2 weeks, we sold our home, found the home of our dreams, and mom found the home of her dreams.

Lyn Chaffart, June 1999.

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