Prayer Works Big Time!

In 1997, I had a mitral valve prolapse and sufferred similarly. I still have the records with me. I was monitored with the Holters Meter on the number of heart beats. The doctors were shocked to see that the highest was 630 and lowest was 230 beats Per minute. But Praise God, I'm perfectly alright now.

Also, I get many praise reports in our daily answer2prayers replies. Just yesterday midnight I received a call from my niece in Australia to share a praise report. She called me earlier in Nov'14 to pray for her son's stammering problem. I asked her to call me back when her son would be fast asleep so that while I pray for him, she would lay her right hand on his lips. I forgot about it all. Yesterday she told me that her son had been speaking absolutely normal eversince, but she took 3 months time to see if it recurrs and let me know he is healed completely. Miracles do happen even today but unfortunately most people feel miracles seized happening from the disciples time itself.

All Glory to God that He blessed us with enough faith to receive miracles in our day to day lives.

With much regards

Raj Received on February 14, 2015

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