Former Witch

My name is Donald L. Hardy (Donny), I am 24 yrs. Old. The Reason I am written you is because I the testimony of the former witch. I am a former warlock/witch. I was so power hungry that I tried to get my Mom involved in witchcraft. Mom prayed and prayed for me but I kept getting deeper into the occult. I did blood rituals, cards (for the future). I was so possessed that I even put cigarettes out on my hands( both), I put my hands through glass bottles, hit trees, Satan ruled my life. Fighting was a major part of me. Mom still prayed and prayed for me. For nearly two years Mom prayed for me. She loved me even when I told her off. Anger was how I survived, hate keep me alive. Drugs came along, and so did alcohol. Spells and more blood rituals still ruled my life. But then one day I was reading a book about hell, and it said Jesus' blood will break all chains and contracts made with the devil. So I fell on my face and got saved. A while later a got filled with Holy Ghost Now I want to be a Preacher. I have been saved for four years.

Thank you, Donny (Received on Tuesday June 4, 2002)

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