Traumatic Brain Injury

I was Born-Again back on April 23, 1996 when I was in a motorcycle accident that cause me to go into a deep coma for over 3 months. While I was in this coma I remember coming up to these 2 Big Doors, seeing a bunch of people just floating in space behind them, but not inside. So I tried to enter, but I heard a nice soft Voice that said "Not Yet!"

The injury that I sustained was a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), which even though I'm still confined to a wheelchair and my speaking ability is not fully healed, I'm not losing my Faith in God to show me how to live for Christ-alone, as a handicapped person or not.

My prayer answer came because I was not supposed to wake-up from the coma and if I did they used the term Vegetable, according to the earthly physicians. I guess the medical field never consulted the Great Physician in the sky. Also there were untold numbers of people who prayed over me and asked God to bring me out of the coma. God Bless,

Eric Salzmann (Received on Thursday March 13, 2003)

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