I had put in a request for our stuff that got stolen to be returned, well what we had stolen was our 4-wheeler. It was a 300 4x4 Honda. We found out who stole it and who bought after it was stolen. My husband went over there Tuesday and talked to the guy who supposedly bought it, they call him "Snakeman", one rough looking cat.

He said he'd never seen it and didn't know anything about it and if he did he would call us and let us know. We went to the police but we could get no cooperation at all. It was all so disheartening. Last night we got a phone call from this guy we know, he said that Snakeman wanted us to call him, we did. This guy starts saying that he is sorry and that he had our 4-wheeler but that the guy who brought it had took it apart and done something with the frame, so he tells us who stole the 4-wheeler and everything, he said that every since my husband had been over there that he couldn't sleep or eat or nothing, he said at first he was scared to tell us what happened but now he was so sorry that he didn't care.

Well we went and talked to the guy that stole it, he's on drugs real bad, please remember him when you pray he needs help, he tells that he dumped the frame in a pond upon this strip job. So I call Snakeman back and he says not to worry that he will take his boat and drag that pond till he finds it, he says in the mean time he wants to give us his 4-wheeler till he can get ours fixed, he said if it didn't run like it did before he said that we could have his 4-wheeler and ours. We talked and talked to him and it ends up he's going to church this weekend with us, I'll let you know how it works out. I have never seen anything to beat this in all my life, there is nothing my God can't do. Part the Red Sea, shut the mouths of lions, whatever it takes.

I praise Him!!! April.D.Napier@LRN02.USACE.ARMY.MIL (Received on Saturday July 14, 2001)

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