Close the Door

My back door neighbor works for a company that I know would hire me lickity-split because of my customer service/call center background, so I called and made an appointment for the typing test, which I knew I would pass.

I then called Robert to tell him where I was going that afternoon and I guess I sounded very excited he said “OK, but calm down” Immediately, I heard a voice inside me say “don’t make a hasty decision” --- After I hung up I got on my knees before the Lord and asked Him to give me wisdom and waited a while ---- NOTHING.

I called two people to pray for me and they both asked the Lord to close any doors He did not want opened.

Before I went I decided to do my Bible reading on line at . I never read their daily devotional but that day my eyes went right to it. It was about “making hasty decisions” … I waited some more for the Lord to let me know before I went. Since I didn’t hear anything for 1 hour so I said “I’m going, if You don’t want me to go “close the door””

I got in my car and turned on the radio. There was a talk show on that was just finishing, and guess what the guy was talking about?! Yes, making hasty decisions! Not only so, but making decisions that would be eternally detrimental to many people!

Obviously I took the next exit out of I35, however, as soon as I did that I thought “Lord, maybe this “is” a hasty decision, if you don’t want me to go for that job, please close the door” Back into I35 I got on.

The next exit was to I20 West, which takes you to the place where I was going :-}

As I was approaching it I noticed not one, but two (2) police cars blocking the entrance … I turned around to come back home and noticed that the entrance to it from the other side was also closed. I looked up to the overpass and there were ambulance, police, people walking --- I still don’t know what happened, but one thing for sure. The Lord knew I’d get hired and it was NOT His will.

I just hope no one was hurt in whatever happened that day, but I’m glad God’s timing was perfect to stop me from taking a job outside His will.

Thank You Jesus!

Nancy Reindl (Received on August 30, 2006)

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